This morning as I was buying coffee inside my local coffee shop I was informed that a woman in the drive through had paid for my beverage because I looked “extra handsome this morning.” I recounted this story to my girlfriend and joked, knowing that it wasn’t, that this must[…]

I’m a creepy man

Had a very strange dream last night that I was paddling a kayak in tranquil waters and then, without warning, the water sped up and started getting turgid, tossing me around. I was unable to control the kayak, or escape the foaming torrent, when suddenly the water just dropped out[…]

Class V Ahead

Just some random (nerdy) tabs I opened this weekend. This article explains a bit about the Vagrant helper PuPHPet -> Browser and editor independent live reload -> HTML, CSS, and JQuery docs in one place -> Snippets/help for Chrome’s DevTools -> Ember vs Angular JS -> Building[…]

Weekend Tabs

WordPress on Heroku Responsive Web WordPress Management

Tabs I’ve Had Open For a Week

Catchfire Media was tasked with quickly creating both an iOS and an Android app to support this yearly golf tournament.

Principal Charity Classic

At some point in the past, I believe due to auto-correct changing “wines” to “wizards”, Sue and I just started calling wine “wiz” when we send a grocery list back and forth…


I watch quite a variety of television shows, movies, and documentaries on Netflix, so I thought I’d share some things I’ve seen recently that everyone with access should be watching…

Things You Should Watch

An attempt at an HDR shot of a stone church outside of Estes Park on Highway 7.

Stone Church