Epic Sunday Predictions

Tomorrow is the final match day for the English Premier League. Not only is the title still mathematically in play, but so are the final two spots in the UEFA Champions League and even relegation spots are up in the air.

League Champions

QPR got a lucky late winner last week from Djibril Cisse to give them hope of being saved from relegation. To stay up, however, they’re going to have to get a little help from Stoke, because this week they face Manchester City who only needs to win to basically guaranty themselves the title.

Manchester United is playing a mid table Sunderland team that only had to pride to play for. Pride may come in to play because in order to win the title, if Man City wins, Man U needs to win by at least 8 more goals than Man City beats QPR.

Manchester City wins the league title

3rd Place

Arsenal only needs to win to guaranty themselves a spot in the Champions League no matter what Chelsea and Bayern Munich happen to do on May 19th. Sadly they haven’t won this season without Arteta in the lineup, and unless RVP and company pull their collective heads out of their asses that’s not going to change. Luckily, I think the lure of the champions league and the hope of keeping Robin on the team for another season with new signing Podolski to see what sort of damage they can do is just enough to make it happen.

Arsenal wins and keeps third

4th Place

Tottenham looked like they might actually have 3rd, or even 2nd, locked up, until, in one of the best games of the season, Arsenal came from two behind in the first half to beat them 5-2. That started a string of losses and dropped points that let both Arsenal and Newcastle back in to the race. Newcastle, on the other hand, has won seven of their last nine and had they not shit the bed against Wigan a few weeks ago they’d be in the driver’s seat instead of Arsenal.

Sadly for Newcastle, they have the toughest opponent of the three teams vying for the last two spots.

Tottenham takes fourth by beating a Dempsey-less Fulham; Newcastle draw vs Everton

Coverage Starts 8:30am Central #SurvivalSunday

  • West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal on FSN
  • Everton v Newcastle United on FX
  • Manchester City v Queens Park Rangers on ESPN2
  • Norwich City v Aston Villa on Fox Soccer
  • Stoke City v Bolton Wanderers on Fox Soccer Plus
  • Sunderland v Manchester United on Fox
  • Wigan Athletic v Wolverhampton Wanderers on Fox Soccer 2 Go
  • Swansea City v Liverpool on Fuel
  • Chelsea v Blackburn Rovers on Speed
  • Tottenham Hotspur v Fulham on Fox Soccer

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